Certificate Courses

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Microendodontic Course

The Micro Endodontic course is a one day Sunday Program to train General Dentist rotary endodontics along with microscope aid. The course translates current academic knowledge into clinical practice for general dentists. Concise training exercise on extracted teeth will enable participants to adapt to structured workflows for predictable. The participants will work on patient the entire tooth canal procedure from access to obturation with evidence based protocol using Carl Zeiss Microscope.

Rotary Endododntics

Rotary endodontics course is a training programme conducted particularly for general dentists and other specialists with the intention to enlighten them with the basic concepts of endodontic treatment. The program is designed exclusively to enable personalized attention and interaction with the participants. The lectures are tailored towards clinical practice. Participants will be made to have hands on experience with Ni Ti rotary system, Endo motor, Apex locators and all the necessary and advanced gadgetry on patients for the real feel.

The program features live demonstration, hands –on typo teeth and patients on complete endodontic root canal treatment.

Tooth Whitening System

Teeth whitening has become the most marketed and requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry. To whiten the natural tooth shade, bleaching is suggested. It is a common procedure in dentistry in the present day scenario and a number of different techniques are used by the dental professionals. Many different products are also marketed for home use for a whiter and brighter smile that is always wanted.

This course offers lecture mainly focusing on the basic concepts of tooth whitening starting with the case selection to the various tooth whitening systems. The key to the whole programme is the live demo by the course mentor and hands on using different whitening systems that shows unbelievably effective results building forever smiles.

CAD CAM a Bridging Course

CAD /CAM a technological system that allows us to design and manufacture dental prosthesis by computer aided technology so as to enable us to achieve highest quality of dental restorations. The use of CAD CAM technology in dentistry has been increasing in the recent pastboth in dental laboratory and clinical practice set up to fabricate all ceramic inlays, onlays crowns and veneers. There exists a misconception that CAD CAM process is complicated and time consuming. However, this system is simple to operate, versatile and precise. With the use of this technology, the traditional impressions and temporaries are eliminated and the patient leaves the dental office with the final restoration in place.

This course mainly illustrates necessary steps and principles in achieving restorative goals with chair side CAD CAM technology.  A participant will be allowed to do lab procedure by themselves and later cement it on patients tooth.


Regenerative endodontics is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today and endodontists are at the forefront of this cutting-edge research. Endodontists’ knowledge in the fields of pulp biology, dental trauma and tissue engineering can be applied to deliver biologically based regenerative endodontic treatment of necrotic immature permanent teeth resulting in continued root development, increased thickness in the dentinal walls and apical closure. These developments in regeneration of a functional pulp-dentin complex have a promising impact on efforts to retain the natural dentition, the ultimate goal of endodontic treatment.

The course incorporates a lecture covering the various aspects of tissue engineering, biological basis for regenerative endodontic therapy and considerations for regenerative endodontic procedures followed by case presentation and hands on and live demo of revascularization procedure.

Composite Veneers 

Congenital tooth abnormalities and discoloration are a concern to every individual irrespective of their economical status.A beautiful smile is not meant just for the higher society , a common man should also be able to achieve the same. Direct and Indirect Composite veneers are cheaper alternative to other veneers like porcelain and Ceramic veneers. It brings about life like appearance to the teeth. This course enhances the versatile use of composite. It focuses on anterior esthetic and art of layering composite in a class IV restoration.