We are a Premier institute in the country. The institution is 29 years old and the department has been in existence since its inception. The graduate program in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, leading to the degree of Master of Dental Science was initiated in 1996.

You are looking at the one of the most advanced state-of -the -art department in the country. This will serve as a  ' One source of reference' for all details of the department. The department runs several well structured programs which are designed to the most advance curriculum in the country be in academic, research and clinical.


Total Number of Research presentations in Conferences:  920

Total Number of Conferences Attended: 74

Total CDE / Work Shop Attended : 49

Total Number of Awards: 248

Number of Short Term Projects (From 2010):  826

Journals of the Department : 2

Editorial Board Members : 14

Total CDE/ Workshops Conducted : 45

Total Number of Publications : 411

Number of publications in peer-reviewed journals with impact factors (SCI Indexed): 41

Number of publications in peer-reviewed PubMed indexed journals: 102

Number of publications in SCOPUS indexed journals: 135

Number of publications in other indexed journals: 36

Clinical Profile

 Number of root canal treatments done by undergraduate students (2014 to date) : 8800

 Number of procedures done by a postgraduate student

( 3 years ) : 1000

 Number of microscope enhanced procedures completed (2013 to date) : 8550